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The 4P Ranch
14719 FM 986

14719 FM 986.png

The original home, built by Matthew C. Roberts, a prominent businessman in the early 1900s, burned to the ground in the mid-1960s. The property was then purchased by Betty and Jim LaRoe, who rebuilt the colonial-style home, adding a pool and tennis court.  That structure burned to the ground due to a gas leak in the 1980s, and the LaRoes built the present home.

The current owners of “The 4P Ranch,” Shayne and Kelly Jo Phillips, have lived in the home since April 2020. They have made many improvements while maintaining the home’s original southern charm and incorporating their minimalist style. 

Some of the updates and renovations include:

  • Wood fencing to enclose goats/sheep

  • Painted the barn to match the home

  • Resurfaced the driveway

  • Replaced landscaping

  • Added exterior lighting

  • Refurbished the tennis court and added a spa to the pool

  • Added new sidewalks connecting all buildings to the home

  • Renovated and transformed the old gym building into a game room

  • Removed the screened-in porch from the back of the home

  • Replaced all glass and windows

  • Accent painting was added to the house and shutters.

  • Interior hardwood floors resurfaced

  • Added chandeliers to the interior

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