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500 Griffith Ave

Current Owners:  Barbara (Bobbi) White and Victor Mullino

(6 owners in 103 years)

Ludie C. Cartwright and Thomas Manley Brittain built this lovely home on the property given to them as a wedding present from Ludie’s father, Lon Cartwright, on their wedding day in 1915.  The house was originally a two-story beauty with a full basement on an acre of land.


In 1929, a raging fire began in the basement furnace and engulfed the entire home, leaving nothing standing but the concrete walls of the basement foundation.  Using that original platform, the home was rebuilt as it now appears; a single-story, 3514 square foot home reflecting the popular Craftsman style at that time.  During the reconstruction in 1929, the home was given its wide veranda and spacious porch to extend its lower, more “modern” profile.


The Brittains remained in this house until the widowed Mrs. Brittain passed away in 1970.  At that time Ludie Brittain had lived in her home for 55 years.  The house changed ownership through two more families and by 2011 had fallen into great disrepair.  


Fortunately, Fivecoat Construction Company, while restoring the house next door at 408 Griffith, rescued the home from being condemned and demolished.  The home underwent two years of extensive renovation and remodeling, and was sold in 2013 to the Freeman family.  Bobbi and Victor became the proud owners in 2018.  Since moving in they have made additional upgrades, including a detached garage and new fencing.  This is only the third time this home has been on the Social Science Club home tour since tours began in 1997.  It was opened to the public in 2004 and once again in 2014.




Bobbi and her husband, Victor, have a wonderful collection of original artwork given to them by Victor’s brother, Mark Mullino, who is both a noted artist and musician.  Mark Mullino uses his talents to create a series of pieces, each section of which depicts a portion of a musical score and follows a common theme.  When grouped together, the individual paintings form an overarching illustration of popular Christmas carols or Noels.  See if you can find the sets of paintings that make up The Nutcracker Suite, a Nativity Scene with The Magi, and Santa Clause Coming to Town.


Bobbi’s stitchery skills are also displayed throughout the home; both embroidery and needlepoint handiworks are plentiful.  Her collectibles include a large display of Santa mugs in the kitchen, along with a wonderful collection of colorful 1940’s era Fiestaware passed down from her Mother.  There is a fun and unusual assembly of human hand figures everywhere.  Can you find them?  She says she quit counting how many they have after surpassing “triple digits.”


The family’s favorite spots in the house include the huge commercially equipped kitchen, with its large island and fantastic drawer and cabinet storage space, as well as the inviting all-original checkerboard tiled front porch. Don’t miss seeing that perfect backyard seat on the big swing where the grandkids love to play and enjoy the lovely rock river that runs through the side yard too.


Bobbi and Victor cherish their family heirlooms, such as the dining room table that belonged to her great grandmother, and her favorite uncle’s mantle clock and vintage 1920’s radio in the parlor.  Her uncle’s wardrobe chest stands in the master bedroom.


Don’t miss all the lovely 100-year-old wavy glass windows throughout the home and the period correct lighting fixtures that hang in many rooms.  The wonderful wood flooring was installed during the 1929 reconstruction.  There is something interesting to see in every part of this delightful home – we just won’t disturb that ghost in the basement!!!

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