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Porch Tour Only
Cartwright-Rogers House
505 Griffith Avenue


Matthew Cartwright moved to Terrell in 1874.  He was the son of Matthew Cartwright, Sr. of San Augustine, who was said to be the fourth wealthiest person in Texas, owning 361,632 acres within 56 counties at the time of his death.

At 17, due to insults heaped upon the Cartwright family, Matthew got into a gunfight with Carol Ballard, a 40-year-old man with a terrible temper. Matthew was unharmed but severely wounded his opponent, Carol, leaving him incapacitated for several months after the gunfight. Matthew was arrested but eventually found innocent, although he was fined $25 for carrying a pistol on the day of the gunfight.  It was deemed unsafe for Matthew to remain in San Augustine, and he departed to attend college.

Upon returning from college at Cumberland University in Tennessee, young Matthew decided to live in a new area to get a fresh start.  He sought out places on railroad lines, believing such towns had a promising future.  After extensive travels around North Texas, Matthew eventually settled in Terrell and married Mary Cynthia Davenport.

This home was built circa 1883 to accommodate the large family by the renowned architect, James Flanders out of Dallas.  Ten years later, circa 1893, Charles Alexander Gill, another noted Dallas architect and father of Bennett Lloyd Gill, Sr., added the columns and porches to make this one of the grandest structures in Terrell.


The Cartwright-Rogers home is on the National Register of Historical Homes and has a Texas State Historical Marker.

The home is currently owned by Dr. Brian Rogers and his wife, Julia Boyd-Rogers.  Dr. Rogers purchased the home for Julia in 2021 as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. 

The family has spent the past year adding central air conditioning, updating plumbing, and performing other repairs.  Julia loves blending antiques and global curios with more contemporary pieces to create eclectic, comfortable living spaces.

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